Meet my sugar gliders!


I currently have a breeding trio of standard greys living within a colony. Peeka and Boo are my breeding females, Stitch is my intact male. Sooty and Scampy are Boo's twin joeys who have been neutered and live within the family colony permanently.




BooPeeka & Boo

These gorgeous girlies where my first ever Sugar Gliders. Coming from a breeding trio themselves, these girls are half sisters, Boo being one week older than Peeka. From bringing them home at 10/11wks I've watched them grow from screaming little maddams to friendly, beautiful young ladies. Both currently just under 2 years old, they have each produced and wonderfully cared for the most adorable sets of twin joeys.

These girls LOVE cuddle time. They're the first to disappear down my tops when I spend time with them. They both have great temperments and will happily sit still and take treats from your fingers. They aren't keen on being held (not many gliders are) but will tolerate it if needs be. I'm VERY proud of these two and they both make fantastic mothers.



 Stitch StitchStitch

Stitch is my 3 year old breeding male. I've had him since November 2011 and within minutes of bringing him home he was eating out of the palm of my hand ... literally! He is the sweetest glider, never once has he crabbed! He is a very chunky looking boy with a bit of a fat head, but that's part of his charm! He will happily fall asleep in my hand and is very happy to be held as long as he is getting fussed! He's played the father role fantastically in raising his joeys and seems to spend a lot of his time (much to my dispair!) pulling the leaves from the vines, hooking them in his tail and trotting off to the sleeping pouch looking ever so pleased with himself! Being a typical male he will spend the majority of his time making sure everything smells like him!

In my opinion, Stitch is a stunning young glider and together, these three make a wonderful breeding trio and produce beautiful joeys.




SootyScampySooty & Scampy

These two are my first joeys, Boo's adorable twin boys! I'm lucky to have been able to handle these guys from the moment they came OOP. They've grown into gorgeous young men, both of whom have been neutered and will be kept living with the parents permanently. Scampy is sure to be a very big boy once he's fully grown, he's definately taken after his dad! He had the brightest, whitest belly I've ever seen. Sooty is slightly smaller than Scampy and is very different in appearance as he seems to have a few Black Beauty traits in him, black roots on his belly fur make his chest appear a lovely smokey grey colour! Both boys have made wonderful uncles to Peeka's joeys and lovely big brothers to Boo's current joey. Both have taken their turns babysitting and carrying the little 'uns around the cage by piggyback. They have great patience with them and together make a fantastic breeding colony environment.



I am currently in the process of importing the first Mosaic/Platinum het Sugar Gliders into the UK. Meet my gorgeous twins - Starla & Twyla!

Starla & Twyla

 Starla is a Mosaic and Twyla is a Standard Grey. Both are 100% het for Platinum and 25% het for Leucistic.