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Welcome to East Coast Gliders! Currently only breeding morph sugar gliders.




My name is Helen and I'm a Sugar Glider breeder living in Bridlington, East Yorkshire. I have a huge passion for animals and was first introduced to Sugar Gliders in 2011.

I own 20 beautiful sugar gliders, all of which are my pets. I currently have greys, mosaic, albino, leucistic and albino and platinum hets. All my joeys are hand tamed. I'm able to handle them from an early age so that they become friendly and learn to enjoy human company.

I will offer lifetime support to anyone who is interested in taking any of my joeys as I would hate for any new owner to feel overwhelmed or struggle with any part of Sugar Glider ownership. They are by far the best pets I have ever owned but they are NOT for everybody. I strongly suggest you take the time to research their care requirements.